Rosa Moretti

Sales Representative

About Rosa

It was 1967 the year of the Canadian Centennial when Rosa’s parents left the small Southern Italy mountainside city of Matera, heading for Canada ~ a new life, new work, new home. They settled in Little Italy where Rosa was born, 1 of 3 children, in a friendly neighbourhood and a yard with room for a garden and the fig trees they planted.

Rosa grew up in Etobicoke in a close-knit Italian community where she learned that you work hard, you respect others and you enjoy yourself! After receiving her College Certificate in IT, Rosa became a Programmer involved at a database administration software company designing programs to help the handicapped. In her 20’s she bought her first 2 properties in Mississauga, rolled up her sleeves, recruited family and friends and did the work…painting, lighting, wiring, baseboards, tiling, decor. She instinctively knew how to make properties look better and she learned how to make a profit.

For many years, Rosa worked in the offices of the Attorney General of Ontario as a transcriber of court documents. It was during this time that her true passion for helping others make a house a home led her to take her Real Estate license and she has never looked back.

As the daughter of ESL parents she knows that no question is too silly or too small, she understands how intimidating buying or selling a home can be and she loves to help. And her fluent Italian (and mediocre Spanish) often comes in handy!

Rosa has been a resident of Oakville since 2010, currently residing in the popular Bluwater building. She loves to travel and has returned to Matera, loving how the old mixes with the new. If she is not selling your home, you may find her on the golf course (game needs some work, but putting is pretty good) or walking by the waterfront, but more than likely she will be showing her IT roots with her nose buried in the latest tech!!

She is thrilled to be joining The Neglia Garami Real Estate Group and is looking forward to farming the Preserves area of North Oakville.